Dalbir Singh

Dalbir Singh Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor, Forum of Federations, Canada

Dalbir Singh, has been National Secretary of Indian National Congress, India's largest Political Party. He had a brief distinguished career in the Army during which he participated in counter insurgency operations, taught at the Army Combat School and had a stint with the military intelligence. He has handled challenging political assignment of the insurgency prone segment of northeastern region dominated by tribals and marginalized communities besides strategy, policy and planning, Election Campaigns, logistics, coordination of national political programmes and issues relating to public health, welfare, education, Culture, Security and Governance, Currently he heads Department at All India Congress Committee.

An honours graduate in Law and an MBA, he has been the Chairman of Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi, Member, Governing Board, Universal Business School and President of Foundation for Policy and Governance and National Vice President of Apex Body of Indian Construction and Infrastructure Industry. He was an international observer during National Elections in Uzbekistan-2004. Some of the papers presented by him are: Conflict Management in Multiethnic & Multicultural Societies in Switzerland-2002; Democracy, Federalism and Globalization in Spain-2004; Management of Diversity and Cooperative Federalism in Delhi-2004, Federalism and Democratic legitimacy in European Parliament-2005 & Democracy in India 'Past, Present Future' for International House, New York-2007 ; Counter Insurgency & Power Sharing in Sri Lanka-2007, Local Governance in Pakistan-2007, Metropolitan Governance in Australia-2009, Perspectives on Local Governance during IBSA Summit in Brazil-2010, Equality & Unity in Diversity for Development in Ethiopia-2010, Role of Public Diplomacy in Development of International Human Cooperation, Russia-2010, Towards Nuclear Weapons Free World, Kazakhstan- 2012, Investment, Development and Governance, Malaysia-2012. Challenges of Regional Development in context of BRICS in Russia-2013 and Democracy, Heritage Diversity in Bulgaria - 2013, Challenges of TB Landscape in India, Malaysia-2012 Engagement of Private Sector for Public Health, France-2013 Use of ICT initiative for control of TB, Spain-2014,Building Synergy; India-China Relations 2014. Adherence for missing million and Role of Digital Technology, South Africa-2015. lnternational Forum at Moscow 2014 and Public Diplomacy and International Cooperation, Sochi, Russia 2015. Conceptual Development of Eurasia at Cambridge University, U.K. Management of Pandemics in Federal States-Canada 2016. BRICS Youth Leadership Conference in Moscow & Samara 2017, Global Youth Conference, Sochi 2017, Eurasian Congress, Moscow 2017, Global Conference Public Health - WHO, Moscow 2017, Eurasia - Public Diplomacy, Civil Society & Humanitarian Cooperation, Paris 2017 He is Senior Advisor for Forum of Federations, Canada, an International apex body for promotion of Federalism and democratic governance. He is Member of Advisory Board of SPICMACAY, India's largest outfit for promotion of Culture & Heritage and a Trustee of Himalayan Environment Trust. He has also been Chairman of One Globe Forum since 2013. He is the Founder President of Global Coalition against TB. He is also Advisor to the Board of Girl Rising India, a civil society organization for empowerment of underprivileged girls supported by USAID.

He has been Member of National Task Force on "Decentralized Governance", Central Advisory Committee, Ministry of Defence and Member, National Wastelands Development Board, Govt. of India. He has been Mayor, Commonwealth Games 2010 and is Vice President of National Tennis Federation. Has been conferred with Order of Friendship highest award of honour given to a foreign national by the Russian President in 2013 for promotion of International peace, goodwill & cooperation and also Pushkin Medal in 2015. He has been recipient of honour from President of India for outstanding contribution to the Infrastructure industry. Has been on international panel of Experts on Democratic Governance since 2007.

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