Dalbir Singh

Dalbir Singh Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor, Forum of Federations, Canada

Dalbir Singh, National Secretary of Indian National Congress, had a brief distinguished career in the Army during which he fought the 1971 Wartaught at the Army Combat School and had a stint with the military intelligence. He has handled challenging political assignment of the insurgency prone areas of the North East, besides strategic policy & planning, logistics, coordination of Elections and national political programmes of the party.

An Honours graduate in Law and an MBA, he has been the Chairman of Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi and Member Governing Board, Universal Business School. He is also the President of Foundation for Policy & Governance and of Global Coalition Against TB backed by Global Health Strategies, Trustee, Himalayan Environment Trust, Member Advisory Board, SPIC MACAY, India’s foremost organization for promotion of culture & heritage and Member Advisory Board of US AID backed Girl Rising India. He was an international observer during 2004 national elections in Uzbekistan. Some of the papers presented by him include: Conflict Management in Multiethnic & Multicultural Societies, Switzerland (2002);Democracy, Federalism and Globalization, Spain (2004)Management of Diversity and Cooperative Federalism, Delhi (2004)and Federalism and Democratic legitimacyEuropeanParliament (2005) & Democracy in India Past, Present & Future for International House, New York (2007)Counter Insurgency & Power Sharing, Sri Lanka (2007)Local Governance, Pakistan(2007)Metropolitan Governance, Australia (2009)Perspectives on Local Governance during IBSA Summit, Brazil (2010), Equality & Unity in Diversity for DevelopmentEthiopia (2010)Role of Public Diplomacy in Development of International Human Cooperation, Russia (2010);Towards Nuclear Weapons Free World, Kazakhstan (2012)Investment Development and GovernanceMalaysia (2012) and Challenges of Regional Development in context of BRICS, Russia (2013)Democracy, Heritage &Diversity, Bulgaria (2013)Global Health Strategies, Paris (2013)Challenges of Public HealthSpain (2014)Building New Synergy – India-China RelationsChina (2014), and, ICT Initiatives for Public Health (2015) in South Afirca hosted by The Union France, The WHO and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Conceptual Development of Eurasia, University of Cambridge 2016. Management of Pandemics in Asia in Ottawa, Canada 2016.

He has been Senior Advisor (South Asia) with Forum of FederationsCanada, an International apex body for promotion of Federalism and democratic governance. He has been Member of National Task Force on “Decentralized Governance” and Central Advisory CommitteeMinistry of Defence and MemberNational Wastelands Development Board with Govt. of India. He has been Mayor, Commonwealth Games 2010 and is Vice President of National Tennis Federation. He was conferred with highest merit award by President Putin for a foreign citizen in 2013 for promotion of International Goodwill, peace & cooperation, which he shares with Ten Heads of States Worldwide. He was conferred with another medal of honour in 2015 by the Russian President for Promotion of Public Diplomacy for Development of International Human Cooperation, Has been on international panel of Experts on Decentralized Governance.

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