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The education system must foster empathy and innovation

Posted by Admin on January 19, 2018

It is not the market that drives what people learn, but rather the other way around... Read More

There is a need to address skewed distribution: 94% of social impact investing goes to financial inclusion and clean energy, and 90% of philanthropy goes to education, health care, disaster relief, and rural development. Gender issues, disabilities, and climate change infrastructure get next to nothing.... Read More

Media, Social Media, and Trump

Posted by Admin on January 12, 2018

Discourse no longer has a unidirectional flow. Social media has fundamentally levelled the playing field, thanks to the internet, says former Information & Broadcasting minister Manish Tewari... Read More

India needs to focus on economic empowerment of women

Posted by Admin on January 08, 2018

Measures to ensure the safety of women should be seen as an infrastructural input, as they will help increase the level of their participation in the economy.... Read More

Transforming India's public health landscape

Posted by Admin on January 05, 2018

If India does not manage to lower its disease burden, it might lose as much as US $4.58 trillion by 2030... Read More

To reap its demographic dividend, India must ensure that its higher education institutions produce graduates who can keep pace with the fast-evolving workspace... Read More

India and Eurasia: Linkages to the Silk Road

Posted by Admin on December 14, 2017

India needs to step up its energy diplomacy in Central Asia, and build on civilizational ties to increase trade... Read More

Design Thinking for a better future

Posted by Admin on December 13, 2017

The practical application of design is quickly becoming mainstream, and many business leaders have made it an important part of their organizational build, including Vishal Sikka of Infosys, Atul Punj of Punj Lloyd, Ashni Biyani of the Future Group, Ganapathy S. of SAP Labs, and Nisa Godrej of the Godrej group.... Read More

The key drivers of a knowledge society

Posted by Admin on December 06, 2017

India needs to make a clear bet on innovation, education, skill development, research, and science, the key drivers of a knowledge society, said Dalbir Singh, Senior Advisor for the Forum of Federations, Canada, in his welcome address at the 2017 One Globe Forum.... Read More

India can realize its demographic dividend only if it equips young people with relevant skills and enables women's participation in the economy... Read More

The Biggest Risks Facing the World in 2017

Posted by Admin on February 16, 2017

Economic inequality, societal polarization and environmental dangers are the three trends that will create the most challenging problems for the world over the next 10 years, according to an annual report released at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, in January.... Read More

The how and why of increasing women's safety in India

Posted by Admin on February 15, 2017

It’s no secret that we need more women in the workforce. It’s not just the morally right thing to do, but it makes perfect economic sense, too.... Read More

Why Innovation Is Key for India to Surge Ahead

Posted by Admin on February 08, 2017

Last year saw a sharp dip in startup funding in India. According to startup tracker Tracxn, in 2016 investments halved to $3.9 billion from $7.5 billion in 2015. Devaluations, shutdowns and layoffs plagued the sector, and profitability and business model sustainability became the new buzzwords in place of growth and market share.... Read More

The Trump administration’s ban on citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries, announced on January 27, is shelved for the time being. But close on the heels of the ban came more worrying news for migrant workers and international scholars around the world.... Read More

Derek Handley, a social entrepreneur, philanthropist and author, talks about the importance of vision and what it takes to make a difference.... Read More

Knowledge Economy and the Other India

Posted by Admin on February 10, 2016

At a recent panel discussion on social enterprises, we summed up the various inputs and insights with one key takeaway – ‘This is a space (social entrepreneurship) that needs to be approached more from the heart than the mind.”... Read More