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With Aadhaar, India is poised to go from being data-poor to being extremely data-rich, and AI and fintech could help more Indians gain access to financial services, affordable housing, and a host of other benefits. But how prepared is India for the future of jobs, privacy, and data security?... Read More

The 2017 edition of the One Globe Forum included several sessions that brought together top-level experts from diverse fields to discuss the future of smart cities. Yatish Rajawat, Chief Strategy Officer, LocalCircles, moderated a panel titled “Building Smarter Cities and Infrastructure”, and kicked off the discussion by asking how we can define the problem of urbanization.... Read More

Challenges in Implementing Smart Cities

Posted by Admin on February 07, 2017

Bureaucrats and industry experts laud the purpose and intent of the Indian government’s Smart Cities Mission. However, a number of ground realities need to be taken into account. A panel of experts at last year’s edition of One Globe Forum drew attention to the challenges in implementation.... Read More


Posted by Admin on January 20, 2016

There is a lot of buzz around the ‘100 Smart Cities’ project in India. Governments signalling the importance of cities finding their own destiny is welcome, but, we need to be aware of the challenges ahead in implementing the smart cities programme.... Read More

Fast and furious – the Indian e-commerce story

Posted by Admin on March 02, 2015

Numbers on Internet users are making the space extremely competitive. To survive, organisations need to innovate... Read More

Having your cake…

Posted by Admin on February 26, 2015

The premise that there is no option other than to step up public investment in infrastructure is now virtually unanimously accepted. But how... Read More


Posted by Admin on January 22, 2015

Recent studies have reflected that long, stressful commutes significantly lower life satisfaction levels. And yet, they seem to have become intransigent feature of urban life. Do Smart cities offer any solutions to this widespread problem?... Read More


Posted by Admin on January 16, 2015

Are mobile phones a handicap or help to education? Either way, their presence can neither be ignored nor dismissed. Here's looking at some ways in which the mobile can serve as a primary educational resource for a country like ours.... Read More


Posted by Admin on January 05, 2015

An introductory look at smart cities - plans, problems and practices. A plan for hundred smart cities, each with a multi-million seed budget, is part of PM Modi’s ambitious vision for India.... Read More