Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal Union Minister for HRD

Union Minister for HRD & Communications and Information Technology, Government of India,

Kapil Sibal comes from an illustrious Punjabi family. He has been a Member of Parliament for over 10 years - first in 1998, as Member of the Rajya Sabha, and then in 2004, elected to the Lok Sabha from the Chandni Chowk Parliamentary Constituency.

Kapil Sibal moved to Delhi in 1964. He graduated from St. Stephen's College. After obtaining a law degree, he qualified for the IAS in 1973, but instead chose to set up his own law practice and went on to receive high praise from the courts. He then attended the world-famous Harvard Law School in the United States. In 1989, he was appointed the Additional Solicitor General of India. In 1994, he was the only lawyer to have appeared in the parliament, and that too successfully, to defend a Supreme Court Judge during impeachment proceedings.

He has been amongst the most articulate speakers in the Congress Party and was the official Spokesperson of the Party for the 1999 and 2004 Lok Sabha elections. He believes that science & technology provide the foundation for a modern and resurgent India, as well as perceives it as a vehicle that can completely transform the life of the common man for the better. He has given a new high profile to science and technology- both at the political and at the academic level .

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