Mr. Mahendra Bapna

Mr. Mahendra Bapna Harvard Advanced Leadership Fellow 2012

Harvard Advanced Leadership Fellow 2012, Harvard University,

Mr. Mahendra Bapna was until recently the CEO and board member of two Tata enterprises (HV Axles and HV Transmissions Ltd) in India.

At the age of 62, Mr. Bapna enrolled in Harvard University as an Advanced Leadership Fellow to reflect and prepare himself to take on new challenges in the social sector that can make a difference."

A 1971 engineering graduate from MBM Engineering College Jodhpur, Mr. Bapna started his career with a Tata enterprise, did Masters in Computers management from Bombay University, spent significant number of years in a Swedish multinational, an American automotive company before returning to top management job in Tata Motors.

His vision is to transform current MBA education to MBA-entrepreneurial education in India.

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