Amarinder Singh

Amarinder Singh Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO, Clove Dental

A professional turned serial entrepreneur with an excellent track record, Mr. Singh brings decades of experience in corporate strategy, sales and marketing to the company. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Mr. Singh held the position of senior vice president, global, for a division of German software concern SAP.

During his career as an entrepreneur, Mr. Singh has incubated many companies in the healthcare and education sectors. He has single-handedly raised in excess of USD 60 million in venture funding from leading private equity firms across the world. An affable person with a penchant for excellence and a commitment to ethical conduct, Mr. Singh leads the Clove Dental team as its founding CEO.

Mr. Singh holds an MBA (honors) from Harvard Business School, a master’s degree in system design (Gold Medalist) from Waterloo, Canada, and a formal degree in mechanical engineering.

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