Anish Kumar

Anish Kumar Programme Director

Programme Director, PRADAN

Anish joined PRADAN in 1994 and is currently a Programme Director at the organization. He integrates the finance function involving raising resources, statutory compliance, and building and managing linkages with stakeholders. Anish is also a part of the senior management team, looking at overall organization strategy and institution-building.

His areas of expertise include creating business organizations run by poor communities and facilitating participation of smallholder farmers in modern value chains.

Anish developed and piloted the small-holder poultry prototype, was the CEO of the first poultry co-operative, and then scaled up the model across new geographies. The enterprise, run completely by poor people, is today the largest commercial poultry production house in Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand, with a turnover of US $ 26 million. Anish continues to be associated with the program as a Board member of the National Smallholder Poultry Development Trust, an advisory and policy advocacy body to nurture and scale up the poultry enterprise.

He has been a member of the Planning Commission Working Group on disadvantaged farmers, and has been involved in designing of policies on producer collectives.

Anish graduated from the University of Delhi and has a Post Graduate Degree in Forest Management from the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal.

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