Harsha K Mahabala

Harsha K Mahabala Co-Founder - EduTel & Founder and MD - Gumbi Software

Co-Founder, EduTel & Founder and MD, Gumbi Software

Harsha Mahabala is the "Founder and Managing Director" of Gumbi Software. He earned Executive MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore after completing his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science.

During his engineering studies Harsha developed a device that made conducting live, interactive classes via satellite more affordable. Over the years, Harsha has authored several technology patents. He has been honoured with a National Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurship and also received the “Platinum-MSME IT Excellence Award” for his technological innovation in the field of education.

Since the inception of Gumbi, Harsha has been instrumental in architecting and successfully creating some of the most advanced products and programs for the company. He is working to develop a strong, integrated relationship with academia, corporate and Government in order to equip young learners of India with the empowering knowledge and leadership skills necessary to become change-makers in their communities.

Harsha is an ardent, charismatic personality. His leadership style is natural, warm, giving and transformational. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to ensure that people around him complement each other to guarantee that the Gumbi’s team is strong and built for success.

Well recognised for his thought leadership and executive coaching, he is a frequent speaker at various seminars for Young Entrepreneurs at various Engineering and Post-Graduation Colleges.

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