Manit Jain

Manit Jain Masters in Education

Master’s in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education;

Experience: As the Co-founder and Director of The Heritage Group of Schools, Manit championed the cause of experiential learning launching it successfully in the mainstream environment sceptical of this reflective practise. Effectively managed change and brought it to a "business as usual" position quickly by cascading shared vision within the organization and to the parent community. Continues to advocate and address the need for re-imagining schools anchored to the needs of student success in the 21st century. Steered the people-side-of-change with 6000 children and 600 educators across the three schools- Rohini, Vasan Kunj and Gurgaon- whilst implementing instructional direction with fidelity. An empathetic change-maker with a robust investment of practise and perfection in education, Manit continues to found new ventures like ‘I am a Teacher’, a Post graduate diploma in learning and teaching that is changing the paradigm of Teaching in India.

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