Sheila Hooda

Sheila Hooda President & Founder, Alpha Advisory Partners

President & Founder, Alpha Advisory Partners

An independent, non-executive board member, 30+ year operating executive and advisor to C-suites, Ms. Hooda has provided strategic direction, driven growth and transformed Fortune 500 firms.

Ms. Hooda serves on the Board of Directors of Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, a Fortune 400 Financial services firm, serving on the Risk Committee and Investment Committee; and the Board of Virtus Investment Partners, a leading Investment Management firm, serving on the Audit Committee and the Finance & Risk Committee.

She is the CEO & President of Alpha Advisory Partners, an advisory firm providing strategy, M&A & turnaround counsel for Financial & Business services firms.

Her sector expertise include global Financial, Professional and Business services; Insurance; Asset management; Investment & Retail banking; FinTech; Education & Consumer.

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