One Globe News - 2013

  • Mint

    Conference debates India’s education woes

    February 08, 2013 | Mint

    Mention the education system and the opinions start flying thick and fast. And so it was at the One Globe 2013: Uniting Knowledge Communities conference that took place in Delhi on 7-8 February. Participants at the event highlighted issues plaguing the education system—policy deficiencies, lack of quality and absence of vocational training. “India is a difficult country because of its enormity and it faces multiple relapse in its education system”, said panelist Khozem Merchant, president of Pearson India, the local arm of the British education company Pearson Plc. “What it needs most is open choices from the policy makers when it comes to education”. Shashi Tharoor, minister of state for human resources development, focused on female literacy. S.C. Arora, vice-chairman, Lotus Valley Group, sounded a contrarian note claiming that infrastructure is not as important. “I have seen education happening under a tree, what more important is knowledge of teachers and their attitude of teaching,” he said.

  • The Hindu

    Comic leaf

    February 11, 2013 | The Hindu

    In India to speak at the second edition of the ‘One Globe: Uniting Knowledge Communities 2013’ conference, Nancy Silberkleit, the co-chief executive officer of Archie Comics, says “I didn’t realise the wonderful English words you’d find in the comic book and in the SAT. Stan Lee always told his writers, ‘get out that dictionary and throw those dictionary words into your comics.’ I don’t know if our writers were conscious of this, but I found wonderful lessons on how to conduct oneself in a good way through Bettie, Veronica and Jughead.” Nancy’s mission at Archie has been to position the comic as a tool in literacy. This borrows as much from her nearly 25 years’ experience as an art teacher as her belief in the potential of comic books.

  • University World News

    Can India learn from China in creating world-class universities?

    February 09, 2013 | University World News

    A global outlook, strong university administration and catering to the diverse needs of youth were highlighted as key areas for Indian universities aiming to achieve excellence, at “One Globe 2013: Uniting knowledge communities”, a conference focusing on global higher education in South Asia.

  • Knowledge@Wharton

    Can India Harness Its Knowledge Capital Despite Its Scale and Complexity?

    February 21, 2014 | Knowledge@Wharton

    How does one build a twenty-first century knowledge economy? Addressing these issues, a recent conference in New Delhi titled, “One Globe 2013: Uniting Knowledge Communities,” focused on various aspects like education, skills development, technology, innovation, infrastructure and health and how these impact economic development. Speakers noted that three key global trends shaping economies are connectivity, information and globalization.

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