Lisa Heydlauff

Lisa Heydlauff Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer, Going to School,

Lisa Heydlauff is the Chief Executive Officer of Going to School, a creative non-profit education trust based in New Delhi that makes powerful stories for young people who live in poverty to inspire them to use their education to transform their lives and create their own opportunities. Be! an Entrepreneur is Going to School\'s flagship project running in 1,000 Secondary Government Schools in partnership with the Government of Bihar.  Each week, 100,000 children in Grade 9 are learning entrepreneurial skills through design-driven stories and dynamic skills projects. Heydlauff has also founded a risk capital investment fund, Be! Fund, that provides access to risk capital to the poorest young people, age 18+, to start businesses that solve problems where they live.

Together Be! Schools and Be! Fund create an entrepreneurial ecosystem from skills education to new access to capital.

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