Rakhi Mehra

Rakhi Mehra Co-Founder

Co-Founder, Micro Home Solutions,

Rakhi Mehra is co-founder of Micro Home Solutions, an interdisciplinary social housing venture working for inclusive cities. mHS has designed and conceptualized modular shelters for homeless in Delhi and is currently developing technical assistance toolkits that will provide safer design alternatives to low-income households and mason to self-build homes. In addition to the facilitating role, it consults for institutions such as Ashoka, World Bank, SEWA Mahila Housing Trust on issues related to access to finance, housing, water sanitation and other aspects of urban poverty.

Rakhi was born in Delhi, studied at the St. Stephen's College at Delhi University and later read Philosophy, Politics and Economics (P.P.E) at Oxford University on the Rhodes scholarship in 2001. She earned her MBA from Harvard Business School and was awarded the HBS Social Enterprise Fellowship in 2011.

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