Archana Jahagirdar

Archana Jahagirdar COO
COO, Indian Angel Network
Archana Jahagirdar’s career spans three distinct phases; first as a journalist where she worked with some of the leading media organisations like The Times of India, Outlook, India Today and Business Standard. As a journalist Archana commented on a variety of subjects and her byline was well-recognised and respected. As a journalist Archana observed and was impressed by the energy that symbolized the start-up space and was motivated to become a founder herself. That marked the beginning of the second phase of her work life. Archana conceptualized and ran her start-up for two years and emerged from that experience with great learning and understanding of what it takes to be an enterpreuner. The lessons learned (and unlearned) are now the basis of her current role with the Indian Angel Network. This third avatar is possibly the last for Archana as she is a die-hard supporter of all founders and start-ups and believes that they alone can change a nation’s destiny.
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